HPCA - Hawaii Primary Care Association

In 2006, HPCA was awarded a three-year grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation to help build sustainable tobacco cessation services in all of Hawaii’s Community Health Centers by providing technical assistance to Community Health Centers in the production of:


  • A comprehensive tobacco cessation needs assessment
  • An action plan for development of tobacco cessation programs
  • A comprehensive training schedule
  • And an outcome evaluation


HPCA successfully established a Primary Care Tobacco Cessation network, consisting of a contact person from each CHC, and supported training and mentorship activities among CHC peers to ensure that cessation program knowledge was shared among all centers.


In addition, HPCA used the findings from the initial needs assessment to develop strategies to enhance the success rate of tobacco cessation programs at Community Health Centers.


For more information on the tools and resources developed through this effort, see the Primary Care Tobacco Cessation Network Resource Page.