HPCA - Hawaii Primary Care Association

Patients at Community Health Centers often require assistance with determining their eligibility for state, federal, or community programs. Complex requirements, paperwork, or language barriers often hinder the ability of health center patients to effectively use the services they need or are eligible for. HPCA has helped to provide outreach and education activities for Outreach Workers and Outstationed Eligibility Workers, providing training and technical assistance to these vital advocates in Community Health Centers.


These workers provide outreach and enrollment assistance for various Department of Human Services (DHS) programs, including 

  • TANF, 
  • public housing, 
  • food stamps, 
  • Medicaid/Med-QUEST, 
  • Hawaii Immigrant Health Initiative, 
  • Medicare QMB/SLMB, 
  • and subsidized child care. 


Outreach workers are trained:

  • to provide accurate information, competent enrollment assistance, and follow-up assistance for various DHS programs;
  • to refer clients to appropriate providers and for additional services where necessary, including referral to health care providers that offer sliding-fee scale or free care to low-income clients not qualified for public health insurance or assistance;
  • to make outreach and enrollment services available during non-traditional hours as appropriate to the population served.


For more information on the Outreach program, please contact Kathy Suzuki-Kitagawa.